Yuuji chooses not to shoot Makina's mother, Irisu Kiyoka, sparing her life. Bodyguards enter the room and try to restrain Yuuji, but he manages to escape despite a shotgun wound to the shoulder.

After the scene changes, JB and Chiara and talking about the situation commenting that they aren't able to find Yuuji. They mention that fearing further attempts on her life, Kiyoka decides to flee the country with her other daughter Sarina and leave Makina behind, wanting nothing to do with her any longer. Makina leaves the hospital one night, waiting for Yuuji. After waiting for what seems a while, Yuuji appears. Both get on a train and talk about moving nearby the sea, likely Florida. Yuuji passes out due to blood loss while Makina comments, worrying that he may die on her.

One year later a new scene appears with Makina running a bakery. She thinks to herself that at first there were not many customers at first, but as word spread around of her baking skills more have begun to come in recently. Yuuji appears and they begin a conversation regarding Yuuji losing his right arm due to the wounds suffered from escaping the assassination attempt on Kiyoka's life. The phone rings and Makina answers. Its from Chiara, JB's assistant, mentioning that Makina is being called for a job. Makina now works as an agent, replacing Yuuji's position at the company. Yuuji wishes Making good luck as she leaves for the job.

While waiting for her ride, Makina reflects on her life, thinking at the beginning there were hardships, but the days lately have become more fun. She attributes to being able to do a lot more and wishes for many happy days in the future. She affirms to herself that this job will be completed with 'one shot' and puts eyedrops in each eye as was taught by Yuuji back at the academy. As the background fades to black, a single gunshot sound is heard. One can imagine that Makina completed her job in one shot as predicated and will have a happy life.

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