Michiru and Makina approach Yuuji about giving him a nickname. After much thought, and some help from Yumiko, they come up with three names you can choose from Mr. Standoffish Man, Juicy-Yuuji, and Yujiyuji, prompting you to choose one of the three. Afterwards Yuuji starts giving everyone a nickname that is just -tcher after their first or second letter in their name. Ex. Michiru becomes Mitcher. Sachi becomes Satcher, etc. This drives Michiru to recall her original idea to give Yuuji a nickname. This section ends with Yuuji giving the principal the nickname Printcher and running out of the classroom before she can voice her dissatisfaction with the name.


The Choice made only takes effect in the Michiru Route "Kiss", Having Amane calling Yuuji one of the choice made.

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