This starts with Sachi and Makina doing a roleplay with the theme of "Soft S&M" and which the others seem kind of interested. The spanking occurred because of what Makina requested previously.

After that, Yuuji visits Principal Tachibana to ask about Sachi, and she was willing to give the information about Sachi but Yuuji declines it saying there was no need for pressing it since it wasn't a job. After that, Yuuji said about killing time by guessing her age.

By the time he returns to the classroom, he sees Sachi eating lunch by herself. He asks about how she lets off steam/manages stress and Sachi answers that she hasn't felt stress since entering Mihama Academy.

Yuuji gets curious about Sachi's private life and accepts her offer on following her all day.

Later that day, JB visits Mihama Academy to have a progress check as his guardian. He asks about what she thinks about a person that has never turned down a request before

This chapter ends after JB leaves Mihama Academy and Yuuji getting annoyed about her car and thinks about stuffing the muffler with potatoes some time.

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