Yuuji returns from a morning run to find his door laid waste by terrorist. Who lurks in ambush inside?

Synopsis Edit

Yuuji's first full day as Makina's father. He leaves to go on his morning run, and when he returns, he finds that his lock has been melted by an improvised thermite weapon, Sachi's handiwork. Makina has prepared a breakfast of sandwiches for the two of them. Makina then insists on Yuuji's participation in an absurd skit, culminating in a kiss that less "welcome home, papa!" and more "welcome home, honey!" This is quickly interrupted by an irritated Amane. While Makina flees to go prepare for class, Yuuji explains that he's taken on the role of Makina's father. Amane proposes that, if Yuuji is going to be her father, that Amane can act as her mother, a suggestion that Yuuji embraces with surprising enthusiasm.

The scene moves from Yuuji's room to the classroom, where Yuuji announces that he has taken on the role of Makina's father to Sachi, Michiru and Yumiko. The three respond with varying degrees of confusion initially, but the three seem to tentatively accept the declaration.

The scene shifts again to the dormitory rooftop. Yuuji makes contact with JB, to explain his new responsibilities with respect to Makina. JB is initially just as skeptical as the other girls, but is understands that Yuuji's choice of "daughter" puts him in a particularly complicated position. Irisu Makina is one of two potential heirs to the multinational Irisu political clan, involved in business and politics both in Japan, and the rest of the world. At this point in time, however, Makina had been disowned by the head family, for reasons unknown. JB reveals to Yuuji that Makina's biological father, Irisu Masataka, was killed in an "accident," because it was deemed that his "continued existence posed a disadvantage to the national interest." After concluding his phone call with JB, Makina finds him on the roof, to have lunch with him. Makina displays an interest in bread, specifically, melon buns, coming up with a number of interesting options.

The two return to the classroom after lunch holding hands, much to the surprise of the other girls. Makina moves her seat next to Yuuji, prompting Amane, Michiru and Sachi to move closer as well. Makina starts grilling Yumiko to move closer as well, making her angry. The three girls spend the rest of the school day clustering around Makina and Yuuji. At the last bell, all of the girls, minus Makina, quickly leave the school room, and disappear to some unknown location.