Satoko Kazami
Romaji Satoko Kazami
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Occupation Mother
Relatives Ryouji Kazami (Husband)
Yuuji Kazami (Son)
Kazuki Kazami (Daughter)
Voice Actor Tomoe Tamiyasu

Satoko was the weak willed mother of Yuuji and Kazuki Kazami, who constantly suffered the verbal and physical abuse of her husband Ryoji. When Kazuki was still around she just ignored her son in order to not get into trouble, but after Kazuki was gone and the domestic abuse from her husband worsened, she and Yuuji left their house and lived in peace for about a year, only for Ryoji to track them down and tried to rape her in front of Yuuji. When Yuuji killed his father, she told Yuuji to wait at the train station, while she hung herself.

Yuuji thinks of her as a kind, but weak person who could only make promises and say sorry, hence why Yuuji doesn't like women who apologize too much.

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