Sachi Komine
Sachi Komine
Kana 小嶺 幸
Romaji Komine Sachi
Blood Type O
Birthdate September 23 (Libra)
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Measurements B: 82 W: 56 H: 83
Height 151 cm
Representative Fruit Strawberry (anime)

Apple (visual novel)

Representative Flower Tulip
Personal Status
Status Alive (Good End/Anime)

Deceased (Bad End)

Occupation High School Student
Relatives Akihiro Komine (Uncle)
Father (Deceased)
Mother (Coma)
Voice Actor Ai Shimizu

Sachi Komine (小嶺幸, Komine Sachi) is a first-year student at Mihama Academy. She is the maid of Mihama Academy. Except when going to school, taking a bath or swimming, she always wears her maid uniform. She said that everyone told her to wear maid uniform as much as possible.

Sachi and Yuuji actually used to play in the park when they were little, making her Yuuji's childhood friend. She used to be an attention-needing, spirited and proactive toddler who loved to hear her parents call her a good girl just because of the attention they paid to her. After her parents were given a large influx of work and began to work overtime, Sachi played with Yuuji every day in the park until he said they can't meet anymore. Soon after this, her parents apologized for not spending time with Sachi, and she became even more attention-needing. However, her happiness and endless needing for attention came to an end when her parents were hit by a drunk driver in a truck after chasing Sachi, who ran out of the house after an argument between the three of them during her 10th birthday. This accident instantly killed Sachi's father in front of her eyes and has put her mother into a vegetative state/coma. As of now, she still blames herself for the incident.


Sachi has short, rough cut pink hair and deep blue eyes. She usually appears to be smiling, rarely ever displaying any negative emotions on her slightly round, innocent looking face. Her school uniform is no exception to the other girls at Mihama- blue jumper, white "sailor-style" shirt and white stockings (subtly attached by straps to her underwear).

When not wearing her school uniform, Sachi prefers to wear a traditional maid uniform as she was once told to wear it "whenever she can". The maid uniform has the usual black and white elements commonly associated with a maid uniform- frilly shoulder ruffles with a high collar, a long sleeved black blouse with white cuffs, a long white apron ending in more ruffles covering a calve-length black skirt, with a red bow tied around her collar and a traditional-looking French maid lace doily hat being her only constant accessories.

While the images shown in her sprites in the visual novel are no different, she claims to have several "highly durable" alternates to this uniform including- a recreational equivalent (to minimize sweating and increase breath-ability), a weapons-resistant variety for administering aid in combat situations that came with a fully-collapsible bicycle, a "dressy" variety with a brighter color red bow (Yuuji however noticed no difference in shade from the basic bow), among others.

Upon "resetting" Sachi out of her desire to obey every order given and be a "good girl", she began wearing the clothes given to her by Yuuji- specifically a gray hooded, short-sleeved sweatshirt with a pink lining and a pink skirt reaching just below her mid thigh. The first appearance of this outfit was on their date to the beach while she was still firmly in the grasp of her "good girl" aspirations. She also starts wearing this more often in her after story.


Polite and responsible, Sachi never fails to accomplish any request from others. In her action dictionary, there are only 3 words “receive” – “confirm” – “execute”. Because of that, she would take a joke too seriously at times and causes a lot of trouble. Her favorite animal is the shark. The shark-shaped pouch which Michiru carries around is made by her.

Sachi has a serious case of Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), exhibited by heavy breathing and nausea whenever she remembers or dreams about the accident involving her parents. Her false belief that she "caused" the accident by running away prompted her "good girl" act by obeying everything that was said of her, and not following what was asked of her would make her a "bad girl."

She is very kindhearted and doesn't seem to get embarrassed when discussing inappropriate topics. She loves being praised for her hard work especially by Yuuji. Both Sachi and Makina are influenced by Yuuji's personality shortly after he transfers in. Both start to act slutty and start using a cold drill sergeant personality at times; although not as much as Makina. Michiru noted that she sings a specific melody whenever she is in a good mood, unlike the usual nonsense lyrics Makina teaches her.

Sachi was a different girl prior to the accident. She was a proactive, spirited and slightly attention-seeking child. Yuuji even described her as a tomboyish girl. Her outgoing attitude was motivated by the praise she gets from her parents and even Yuuji shortly after. In fact, she loved getting praised so much that she worked harder and harder just to get praised; and even asked Yuuji to "praise her" for winning a game against him instead of anything else.

After coming out of her "good girl" illusion (in the Sachi route of the first game), she starts to express herself more openly and shows more emotions than she used to; including jealousy. Her proactive self is seen once more, but still does some of the duties she usually does.


When Sachi was nine years old, her parents would always praise her for the amazing talent she showed off in school and at home. Because of this, she would attempt to appease them by cleaning and studying to receive more praise. Although maintaining a small factory with just the two of them, her parents still worked hard to prioritize quality time with their daughter. However, the factory had gotten a huge amount of requests. To handle the requests, they barely spent any time with Sachi, even going as far as to hire a housemaid to feed her and put her to bed. Feeling lonely, Sachi would spend most of her time at the nearby playground. This is where she met Yuuji Kazami as a child. Yuuji was also having his own problems at home and came to the playground to get away from them. Sachi offered to be his friend and both of them had a lot of fun playing together since then. Sachi even had a crush on Yuuji.

Shortly before Sachi's tenth birthday, Yuuji's sister, Kazuki, went missing in an accident. Because of this, Yuuji was unable to leave home as much and couldn't come to the park. On the day before her tenth birthday, Yuuji told Sachi he couldn't be there anymore. Sachi said that since it was her birthday, she would wait for him however long it takes. On her tenth birthday, Sachi's parents' workload lightened. They decided to pay attention to her again. They were going to give her a surprise to make up for neglecting her, but Sachi was so upset that she ran out of the house with the thought, "As if that'll make up for the lost time," and went to the playground like she promised. Waiting until dusk, she then realized that her parents must be really worried about her. As she got up to go back home, she sees her parents on the opposite side of the street. Crying, she calls for them. Unfortunately, as she calls out to them, a drunk driver hit them with his truck right in front of her. Sachi's father died from the impact and her mother was put into a coma. Witnessing this event gave Sachi a serious case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She blame herself and believes that she needs to be a good girl to make up for her sins.

After that event, Sachi went to a new school where everyone thought of her as insanely helpful and loved how kind she was. However, there was a delinquent girl who took advantage of Sachi's inability to turn down a request. She eventually asked her to, "stop a test" and since Sachi couldn't think of any way to stop the test, her only option was to take out the school so she burned it down. This event made everyone realize Sachi had not truly recovered from her trauma of the previous event so eventually she was put into Mihama Academy.


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  • Her name 幸 (Sachi) means "Happiness". This is due to her parents' wish that their daughter would have a happy life.
  • Sachi is the youngest character compared from birth date with Makina
  • Sachi is the only one of the main five females to not change her outfit on Grisaia no Rakuen.
  • As early as the Opening chapter of Grisaia no Kajitsu, Sachi already suspected Yuuji to be her childhood friend; further strengthened by her suggestion of calling him "Yuu-kun."
  • Amane has once described that Sachi is "extremely scary" when she gets really angry. Although the visual novels nor the anime never showed this, the reaction between a bickering Michiru and Yumiko when Sachi asked them to stop fighting prompted the two to stop immediately.
  • Her route is the longest route in terms of chapters. However in the anime her story only has one episode.
  • Unlike the other four heroines, Sachi's route is only unlocked upon choosing the right choices in the Common Route.
    • Incidentally, all of the choice-making scenes in the Common Route directly involve her.
  • The final choice-making in her route decides Sachi's action instead of Yuuji's. The final choices in other routes focus on Yuuji's next action.