Sachi's father
Sachi's father
Romaji Sachi's father
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Sachi Komine (Daughter)

The father of Sachi Komine who had no name given. He worked together with his unnamed wife at the backstreet workshop. After realizing Sachi was lonely for the past years, he and his wife decided to make it up for Sachi on her birthday by transforming their workshop into a mural full of pictures dedicated to her. As he and Sachi's mother were about to make amends with their daughter, both parents were hit by a drunk driver in a truck after chasing Sachi, who ran out of the house after an argument between the three of them. This accident instantly killed Sachi's father and put her mother into a vegetative state/coma.

In Sachi's route, she would later come to discover the mural in the workshop and a letter describing how they (her parents) were sorry for spending little time with her as their workload increased.