Ryouji Kazami
Romaji Ryouji Kazami
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Occupation Father
Relatives Satoko Kazami (Wife)
Yuuji Kazami (Son)
Kazuki Kazami (Daughter)
Voice Actor Gō Fujii

Ryouji Kazami is the husband of Satoko Kazami and the father of Yuuji Kazami and Kazuki Kazami. He had an interest in art and was an antique dealer. After Kazuki's "death", Yuuji and his mother, Satoko, ran away from him as he became alcoholic and physically abused them. But one year later, he succeeded in finding them afterwards and attempts to rape his wife in front of Yuuji, which leads to Yuuji killing him.

Background Edit

Ryouji Kazami was born as a second son of a farmer in Chiba. By the time of his birth, his parents had already pass away. He was said to have a terrible judgement, which cost him greatly in his adulthood. He has a major in art history at a university(?).

While he inherit a plot of land from his father, he was coaxed into selling the land to build a resort condominium. However, the business failed, and he was forced to sell of the newly built resort to recoup his debt. The debt eventually inflated into a 32 million yen, which he kept hidden from his family He obtained a one-time settlement of 4.2 million yen by picking a fight with his elder brother, and become estranged from the family as a result.

Ryouji use the money he obtained from the settlement to open an antique art store, which he used to arrange shady but technically legal deals to corrupt politicians. He met Satoko when a yakuza and regular customer, presumably one of his client, brought him to her club.

One day while working at his store, he found Kazuki sketching a random painting in the store. However, on closer inspection, the detail in the sketching looks very much like the real painting. Out of the whim, he decided to let Kazuki play with a canvas and oil paints. Due to her talent as an artist, Ryouji regards Kazuki as a genius. However, as Yuuji turns did not possess his sister talent, he regards his son as a disappointment and a failure.

Plot (Visual Novel) Edit