This page shows the routes in the visual novels.

The List of Routes in Grisaia no Kajitsu:Edit

Common RouteEdit

Makina's Route Edit

Amane's RouteEdit

Sachi's RouteEdit

Michiru's Route Edit

Yumiko's Route Edit

The List of Routes in Grisaia no Meikyuu: Edit

Makina After Edit

  • Return of the Mad Dog
  • "Papa, Don't Preach"
  • Our Dear Alma Mater
  • Shrill Tsundere. Sharp Kuudere
  • Cat Talk. Curry Carnival
  • Goals for the Future
  • Meanwhile... the Journey
  • Meanwhile... the Picnic
  • For Whom the Badge Shines

Amane After Edit

  • Yuuji's Secrets. Amane's Anxieties
  • Beloved Bondage
  • Quality Time in the Tub
  • Quality Time at the Zoo
  • Manly Resolve
  • A Letter to the Future

Sachi After Edit

  • Make-Believe
  • Kazami Yuuji Goes "Dere"
  • Master of Playground Activities
  • Cold Feet
  • Forms of Happiness
  • The Sound of Joy

Michiru After Edit

  • All's Well That Ends Well
  • Winter Begins
  • Spare Ribs.Whitening and Nakatani
  • God. Magician. Comedian
  • The Second Virgin
  • The Midsummer Miracle

Yumiko After Edit

  • The Tiger Becomes a Rabbit
  • Sneek Peek
  • Look Up at the Sky
  • Mishima Cape Holiday
  • "Petits Bonheurs"