Main Characters:Edit

Yumiko Sakaki: Classmates / Love Interest

Amane Suou: Classmates / Love Interest

Michiru Matsushima: Classmates / Love Interest

Makina Irisu: Classmates/ Daughter (Adopted) / Younger Sister / Love Interest

Sachi Komine: Classmates/ Class Representative/ Maid/ Childhood Friend/ Love Interest

Secondary Characters:Edit

Chizuru Tachibana: (Presently)Love Interest/ School Principal/ Object of teasing/ Acquaintances, Yuuji was once rescuing Chizuru from terrorist attack on hangar.

Yuria Harudera: (Presently) Yuuji's Legal Guardian, Yuuji's Case Officer/ Acquaintances / Love Interest

Kazuki Kazami: Biological Older Sister/ Love Interest

Asako Kusakabe: (Previously) Yuuji's Master/ Yuuji's Guardian/ Former Lover

Ryouji Kazami: Father

Satoko Kazami: Mother

Other Characters: Edit

Heath Oslo: (Presently) Sworn enemy/ (Previously) Adopter and Teacher

Daniel Born: Best Friend

Milliela Stanfield: Friend/ Love Interest

Agnes Garret: Friend/ (Previously) Mentor

Edward Walker: Friend/ Former Student of Shooting Range

Justin Mikemayer: Friend/ (Previously) Commanding Officer

Marlin: Friend

Robert Wallson: Friend

Zoey Graham: (To Zoey) Former Sworn Enemy

John: Pet dog

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