Milliela Stanfield
Milliela Stanfield
Romaji Milliela Stanfield
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Soldier
Voice Actor Midori Hirayama

Milliela Stanfield, or Millie, is an old acquaintance of Yuuji from his days at the military. She prefer to go by the name "Millie Stan" as her actual name is too long for her to remember. She fell in love with Yuuji when he bested her in a shooting competition, although Yuuji only sees her as obnoxious, and he even punched her in the face during their first encounter. Before being recruited in the military, she forced herself as a prostitute in order to comply with her basic needs. She was rejected by Yuuji several times before taking his leave from the US Marine Corps, to return to Japan. Milliela Looks a bit familiar to Amane Suou.


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