Michiru Matsushima
Michiru Matsushima
Kana 松嶋 みちる
Romaji Matsushima Michiru
Aliases Chiruchiru
Blood Type O
Birthdate December 25 (Capricorn)
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Black (bleached blond)
Eye Color Blue/Green
Measurements B: 80 W: 52 H: 82
Height 155 cm
Representative Fruit Lemon
Representative Flower Sunflower
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation High School Student
Voice Actor Kaori Mizuhashi

Michiru Matsushima (松嶋みちる, Matsushima Michiru) is a second-year student at Mihama Academy. She is a fake tsundere with bleached blond twin tails. She has a deep interest in tsundere character and tries to act like one. Her silly and energetic personality makes her the moodmaker of the class. Her grades are bad. She always carries with her a shark-shaped pouch which contains lemonade sweets. Despite having difficulty with sour foods, she still tries to drink 100% pure Vitamin C in order to “improve her intelligence”, as she said. She has encountered a lot of bad luck since her birth, but always manages to get through in one way or another.


Michiru has bleached, blonde hair which is tied into two ponytails. Her face changes depending on her mood and whenever she is portrayed as a chibi character. Her bust size is second to the smallest, with Makina at the last and Amane at the first among Mihama Academy girls. She is of normal body size. She is also portrayed to be small. Her height is 155 cm, her bust, waist and hips sizes are 80, 52 and 82 respectively.


Michiru tries so hard to be known as a tsundere, but she doesn't do so well at it that Yuuji was able to see right through this in less than a minute of talking to her when Yuuji first met her in the classroom. Michiru tends to act this way in order to get attention from her classmates and make them laugh. She tries to help out whenever she can although she will pretend to refuse to keep up her tsundere image. Michiru is possibly the most caring of her classmates as she will always do anything in her power to help out without letting the others know. This is proved when she feels bad for Yumiko when her classmates are making fun of her and it's hinted that she and Yumiko can actually get along, in a way.



Michiru came from a fairly wealthy family but unfortunately she encountered a lot of bad luck since she was a child. The bad luck mentioned was in reference to how she was periodically bullied and abused by her tutors, this all happened without her parents' knowledge, causing her parents to think that Michiru was indeed a stupid girl, this alone didn't matter to them though as the fact that Michiru still had her health was enough to keep them happy. Her father wanted the best for her but most of his actions had always make it even harder for Michiru.

Once it became apparent that she had a heart condition, she had failed all of her parents' expectations and they gradually stopped giving Michiru attention, in stead they started trying to produce a second child. This caused Michiru to fall in to a deep depression; she had spend days just sitting still in her room because according to her "sitting still was the only talent she had."

One day, as she was contemplating jumping off the roof of her school, she encountered another girl about to jump. Michiru was envious that the girl had managed to build up the courage to take her own life, and inadvertently prevented her from going through with it. As the girl was about to jump off the roof, Michiru stopped her by yelling at her causing the girl to stop in confusion. These two briefly became very close friends, and Michiru started to take an interest in the world again. They would always spend time together that both of them considered each other as best friend. However, her new best friend later went through with her suicide in front of Michiru. The shock of seeing her friend leap to her death caused enormous amounts of stress for Michiru's already frail heart, so much so that she was no longer able to live a normal life and just like that, she collapsed. She was brought to the hospital and according to the doctor, she needed a heart transplant. Fortunately, Michiru acquired a suitable heart for her that came from an American girl whom had been in a traffic accident that caused her to become totally paralyzed. This person became the "other Michiru," a Michiru whom only appeared whenever Michiru was going through a hard time. This Michiru was a much more sociable, smart and athletic girl dedicated to helping the original Michiru get her life on track, but alas it had the opposite effect, as it caused Michiru to almost take her own life by stabbing her chest to get the intruder out of her body.

After that incident, Michiru gets sent to a mental ward and there she is prescribed a medication to suppress the "other Michiru." Sometime after that, she discovered a new purpose in her life; making people laugh. She figured if she could give people joy and let them laugh and smile, she would be at least contributing something to the world. This became her very reason to live, and eventually she constructed a clumsy energetic tsundere personality to make this task easier. A little while later she got released from the mental hospital and enrolls in to Mihama academy as the third student after its establishment.


Plot (Anime) Edit

Plot (Visual Novel) Edit

Grisaia no Kajitsu Edit

Michiru first met Yuuji during one of her rehearsal session in one of the classroom. At an attempt to make a good first impression, she fire off lines that she practiced for the occasion. However, when Yuuji called out her "tsundere" act, she became shocked and revert to her true nature. Due to Yuuji's lack of understanding for women in general, his attempt to cheer her up ends up infuriating her even more.

Michiru's route Edit

*Warning, this section contain spoilers from Grisaia no Kajitsu*

When she caught Yuuji on top of Meowmel, she assumed that he was bullying the cat and went in to rescue it. Both of them give an angry glare at him for the "bullying" he gives the cat. Later, when she learn of his true intention from Chizuru, which is to vaccinate the cat to prevent it from potential disease, she proclaimed that Yuuji is actually a very caring person and is one of the reason she likes him.


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  • It is only in the anime where Michiru has green eyes as well as blue (Seen first time in Episode 3 when she helped Yuuji avoid wearing a bush dog pouch made by Sachi by giving it to Makina.)
    • While some marked this as the first time we see "the other Michiru" in the anime, this strike as odds, since the visual novel counterpart of this scene depicted Michiru's original personality to be the one that helped Yuuji.
      • The proof being the fact that she helped out others in the similar way when similar situation arise (coincidentally, most which involved Sachi in some way), and gave the similar response when Yuuji thanked her. However, on her route (due to her circumstance with Yuuji), straight after she helped Amane and Sachi's misunderstanding, she responds awkwardly to Yuuji, proving that her original personality is in control. Furthermore, Amane, despite doing it out of her care for Michiru, unintentionally push the issue too far, and the event escalated to the point Michiru broke down mentally. This forced the other Michiru to take over her body, thus enforcing the fact that these considerate action came from the original Michiru and not her counterpart personality.
      • In her good ending route, Yuuji discovered a diary that the original Michiru kept, which contains all of the notes regarding her experience with the others in the dormitory. This shows that the real Michiru does genuinely try to be considerate and helping as much as she could without relying on the other "Michiru". Michiru order the diary to be thrown away along with her secret belonging. However, the other "Michiru" hide it in the ceiling instead, and was implied to have recovered it at the end.
  • Michiru's route adapted anime episodes are the only episodes to not being titled in parts.
  • In the visual novel, her bad ending does not result in a death of the main character, unlike most bad endings.
    • However, since her bad ending results in her becoming mentally impaired, some people consider Michiru as "dead" on the inside.
  • In the anime, Michiru's second personality's eyes resemble those of her deceased best friend.
    • This is somewhat odd, as her second personality has nothing to do with her deceased best friend.
  • Interestingly, Yuuji become Michiru's first kiss in both her and Makina's route in the visual novel.
    • During her route, Yuuji kissed her when she asked him to demonstrate "first base" to her, which she was unaware of its meaning at the time.
      • If you count the other "Michiru" as well, the event take place when she asked to be kissed out of curiosity. She then coldly state that she still don't understand the meaning behind a kiss before swapping place with the real Michiru again.
    • During Makina's after story, after Yuuji return to visit Mihama Academy, Yuuji visits her while she was still half asleep. This caused her to think she was in the "usual" dream and demanded him to kiss her. After kissing him twice and realizing that the Yuuji standing before her is real, she attempts to forget this ever happened.

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