Michiaki Sakaki
Michiaki Sakaki 2
Kana 榊 道昭
Romaji Sakaki Michiaki
Blood Type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color -
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Chief Director of Mihama Academy
Relatives Misako Sakaki (Wife)
Yumiko Sakaki (Daughter)
Voice Actor Eizou Tsuda

Michiaki Sakaki (榊 道昭, Sakaki Michiaki) is Yumiko's father and the leader of the "East Beach Electric Railway Group" financial clique. He is also the chief director of Mihama Academy.




Grisaia no Kajitsu (Anime) Edit

Michiaki makes his first appearance in the anime after sending troops in attempt to capture Sakaki which were defeated by Yuuji. He then threatens to take down Mihama Academy. After many complications, he ends up sending troops to attack Mihama Academy and is greeted with Sakaki armed with a pistol. He attempts to reason with her but all attempts were futile. He then attempts to rush Sakaki, running towards the room she was in alone. She shoots at him and a shot hits his shoulder. Before Sakaki could deliver a fatal shot, she runs out of ammo and all the troops begin to rush in. She then commits suicide with a grenade. After her deaths, Michiaki shows his true feelings for her at her grave. He honors her first and final request from him, that Mihama Academy remains. It is then revealed that Yumiko did not die and her death was faked. She continues to live her life with no involvement with her family's affairs.

Grisaia no Kajitsu (Visual Novel) Edit

Common Route Edit

Yumiko's Route Edit

Sachi's Route Edit

Michiaki does not make an appearance during Sachi's Route. However it was briefly mentioned that, through some means, Yuuji was able to obtain the permission to demolish Mihama Academy's main building as part of a renovation and reconstruction plan of the school building. This is done as a set up to break Sachi out of her "obedient maid" character.

During Yuuji's conversation with JB, it is revealed why Sakaki agreed to the demolition of Mihama Academy. Sakaki's construction corporation, the East Beach Group, had been colluding with a rival construction group, Nishizono Construction to inflate the cost of building construction illegally. JB and Ichigaya used this incriminating information to force Sakaki to comply with the demolition of Mihama Academy.


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