Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Violet
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Occupation Terrorist training camp
Voice Actor Arisu Sakurai}


When Yuiji was initiated into the terrorist training facility, the only person who would befriend him was Marlin. She was often give first-aid after Yuiji's numerous beatings from fellow trainees. One day, during a conversation with Yuiji, she told him she didn't really want to be forced to harm anyone and that she would be happy if there was no need for violence. On the day of Yuiji's final exam, she was drugged and forced to fight Yuiji. After he lost, Marlin realized she beat Yuiji, she started crying and apologizing for her mistreatment of the friendship she had when she was giving first-aid.


After she "graduated" from the training facility, she was shot dead during her first mission given to her. News of her death was informed by a nurse to Yuiji. It is later revealed that she was involved in an experiment with the goal of cloning Yuuji(to replicate 'super soldiers'). She was made the carrier of Yuuji's clone, and was subsequently shot when trying to escape.


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