Irisu Makina
Makina Irisu
Kana 入巣 蒔菜
Romaji Irisu Makina
Aliases V-9029

Lucky Tanuki

Cicada Sister

Blood Type AB
Birthdate January 13 (Capricorn)
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Pink
Measurements B: 71 W: 57 H: 78
Height 144 cm
Representative Fruit Apple (anime)

Strawberry (visual novel)

Representative Flower Morning Glory
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation High School Student
Relatives Masataka Irisu (Father)
Kiyoka Irisu (Mother)
Sarina Irisu (Younger Half-Sister)

Yuuji Kazami (Adoptive Father)

Voice Actor Tomoe Tamiyasu

Makina Irisu (入巣蒔菜, Irisu Makina) is a first-year student at Mihama Academy. She is an innocent and carefree girl. For some unexplainable reasons, it’s hard to understand her personality. In general, she can be explained in one word, “Fool”, but sometimes her speech and behavior make people shed cold sweat. For those reasons, most of people who talk with her for 5 minutes will say “This girl is awful”. She adores Yuuji as a brother and Amane as a sister. She calls Yuuji “Onii-chan”. Although she has her own room in the dormitory, she always stays in Amane’s room. Because of her parents' work, she stayed in foreign countries until she was 6 so she can speak English. Her family is rumored to be a large financial clique which controls the underworld of Japan, but rarely people know the unhappiness which she suffered for being born in such a troublesome family. Makina used to be the successor of Irisu family but her inheritance was transferred to her younger sister, Sarina Irisu, after she suffered a mental shock in an incident. Despite all of that, she still has 70 million yen as her own property.


Makina is a short girl with a fairly childish appearance for her age. She has light brown hair that she wears in pigtails tied up by a pair of blue ribbons. She always wears knee-socks with 2 different colors. She has a fairly small chest (which she likes to puff out in an attempt to over-exaggerate its size), and she often wears a fairly wide-eyed child-like expression on her face.


Makina is extremely shy around anyone she has not gotten to know. She tries to avoid people so they don't grow to hate her. When she befriends someone she shows them her energetic, childish side. She has a verbal tic, often ending her sentences with "noyosa." After getting to know Yuuji she becomes much more energetic and starts acting like a mini-drill sergeant. She and Sachi start getting influenced by Yuuji's personality and actions soon after he transfers in. Both start acting slutty and start using a cold drill sergeant attitude at times. She also learns some self-defense moves from Yuuji.

Makina spends most of her time in Amane's room and always pestering her for dinner. She loves to harass her classmates, especially Michiru. Overall, after Yuuji's arrival at Mihama Academy, she gets along with all her classmates including Yumiko, in a way.



At a young age, Makina was considered a genius child. However, eight years before Yuuji Kazami transferred to Mihama Academy, she was the victim of a kidnapping when her father, Masataka Irisu, discovered instances of political corruption happening within their family. Makina was kidnapped and a ransom note was sent to Masataka. Masataka went to deliver the money, only to be shot to death right in front of Makina. Unfortunately for the Irisu main family, the kidnapping was left to the branch family. The branch family took the opportunity and left her there.

She is then left tied up next to her father's dead body for six days before being rescued. After her rescue, she was left in an uncommunicative state, taking her three years before she was even able to respond to basic yes or no questions, another two before she could put her thoughts into coherent words, and one more year before she was able to express normal human emotion again. The branch family made it seem like she was still in the hospital and sent her to Mihama Academy in secret so she couldn't become the next heir, allowing her sister, Sarina Irisu, to become the next heir.


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  • Her name 蒔菜 (Makina) means "Fennel, Vegetable".
  • In her route, both good and bad endings, she starts working with Ichigaya and inherits ace number 9029 in place of Yuuji (who's either deceased or lost his right arm, depending on whether he kills Kiyoka Irisu or not).
    • During her after story in Grisaia no Meikyuu, it was reveal that while she inherit the code number, she is registered as V-9029, and officially act as Yuuji's support. Yuuji still retain his identification as I-9029, and took on his responsibility in taking care of Makina.
  • She is pregnant with Yuuji's baby only in the her bad ending despite him dying after the choice split in her route .
  • Her route is the only one where Yuuji relies on Chizuru's classified document for her background.
    • While Yuuji also read documents on Sachi's past, he obtain the said document from JB and not Chizuru.
  • As demonstrated by her ability to remember exact wording of pages, Makina seems to possess eidetic memory.
  • Her voice actress is the only one among the other voice actresses to be credited with her actual name in the PC version of the visual novels.
  • Makina's story in the anime ends differently. Instead of sparing her mother, Yuuji shoots her; which should result in Yuuji getting killed. However he survives and goes back to Mihama with Makina without any significant injury.