*Warning, this page contain a spoiler from Grisaia no Kajitsu*

Keiji Sakashita
Romaji Keiji Sakashita
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Status Arrested

Deceased (Amane's route)

Relatives Chiaki Sakashita (Daughter)

Keiji Sakashita is the main antagonist of Amane's route. He is the father of Chiaki, one of the victims who was dead during a bus accident. He claims himself to be a fan of Amane, but when he is aware that she is the sole survivor, he vows to have his revenge for his daughter and urges to kill Amane. He has some hunting experience with his shotgun.

Plot (Visual Novel) Edit

Grisaia no Kajitsu Edit

Fate Edit

If one chose Amane's route, Keiji Sakashita will die regardless of the ending picked. The only different being the circumstance that led to his death.

In the bad endings, he chase after Yuuji with a hunting shotgun until Amane stab him with the kitchen knife Kazuki left for her. However, he fire a shotgun at her to stop the attack. He then fire another shot at Yuuji at an attempt to stop him from fighting back. As he was about to finish off Yuuji, however, Amane charge at him, biting his arm as her last stand. After failing to remove her from repetitive hit on her head with the back of the rifle, he shot her with the gun, ending her life. However, Amane lifelessly grab on to his leg and refuse to let go. He shot Amane again only to realized that she was already dead. This drove him insane, and he eventually tripped and knocked himself out on a boulder. While still unconscious from the hit, it was implied that Yuuji ended his life with the very shotgun that he used to chase them down.

In the good ending, he chased after Yuuji and Amane until he spotted a student uniform. Seeing it as a potential trap, he hesitated for a moment until he saw the uniform jerk. He decided that it was an actual person underneath the uniform, he moved in for the kill. However, this proved to be a trap set up by Yuuji and Amane, who came up with the strategy while on the run. He was taken out and all 3 of them returned from the forest. A week later, he was found to have committed suicide at the hospital he was admitted in. Conversation between Yuuji and JB heavily implied that Ichigaya is involved in his death.

It also implied that he was trained by Asako Kusakabe while Yuuji was in training in the marines.

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