Kazuki Kazami
Kazuki Kazami
Kana 風見 一姫
Romaji Kazami Kazuki
Aliases Thanatos
Blood Type B
Birthdate March 22
Age 18
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color Violet
Measurements B: 76 W: 57 H: 78
Height 150 cm
Representative Fruit Pear
Representative Flower Lily
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Relatives Yuuji Kazami (Younger Brother/love interest)
Satoko Kazami (Mother)
Ryouji Kazami (Father)
Voice Actor Akane Tomonaga

Kazuki Kazami (風見一姫, Kazami Kazuki) is Yuuji Kazami's elder sister who disappeared when Yuuji was ten years old. Despite her delicate and diminutive body, she is so intelligent that she can be called a genius. She was the same age as Amane Suou. They both went to the same school, “Takizono Private Academy”, and were on the basketball team. She "died" in a bus accident which greatly influences Yuuji's and Amane's life. After her "death", her mind was integrated with the Thanatos System by CIRS. Later on, it was found that she still has a functioning body.


Kazuki has long, white hair, violet eyes and a fragile-looking diminutive body. Yuuji notes that Kazuki usually had on a rather sleepy expression in contrast to her sharp attitude and keen intellect. In Eden, she used a fake prosthetic hand/claw for the humor of it.


Kazuki was a genius whose intelligence surpassed almost everybody she contacted or met. Due to this, Kazuki is capable of being a leader during dire times, keeping her calm and level-headed composure in many situations. For those whom Kazuki did not care, she is seen as a pragmatic, sharp and blunt individual, and she used those traits to her end by smoothly manipulating people around her, bending them to her will. But for ones she does really care, she is shown to be a bit feminine, like blushing and acting a bit high-strung sometimes. She also said she did not want to be a "know-it-all" genius, sometimes she just wanted to be a normal girl like anyone else, mostly for her little brother's sake. As Amane stated, Kazuki usually gave away a sense of sleepiness and indifference most of the times.

For her little brother, Yuuji Kazami, Kazuki shares almost an unhealthy and obsessed relationship, to the point of monopolize him, bathing and sleeping with him (they still did not have any sort of sexual interaction during their childhood, bar kissing, it is that Kazuki just wanted to "toy" her brother, using him as a "sexual tool"). Nevertheless, Kazuki loves her brother very much, her love was enough that she would willingly sacrifice everything for his sake, and she always wanted him to grow up, to be a man and become stronger. Her actions both scared and amazed Yuuji, and her influence would continue to last for many years to come.

Interestingly, due to how long she had been in stasis state, when meeting with Yuuji again after years, many of his actions surprised and caught Kazuki off-guard, as Yuuji now was more experienced in "dealing" with girls he met. They remained siblings, but with their reconciliation, they both admitted they love each other, as a man and a woman.


Kazuki Kazami is Yuuji Kazami's older sister, who loves and takes care of her brother. Her desire to make Yuuji happy causes her to develop a brother-complex for him. Several years before the main events of Kajitsu, she and her basketball teammates were involved in an accident. Along with Amane, she survived the ordeal, but her survival was concealed. After being secretly rescued, she was used as the Thanatos System's core.

Plot (Visual Novel) Edit

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Amane's route Edit

In Amane's afterstory, it was revealed that Amane had been sending a letter she wrote to Kazuki on a regular basis, as she was trying to cope with her survival guilt. However, it was also revealed that the letter with no address on it was never returned to her, so it was deduced on Amane's part that Kazuki may still be alive somewhere. The ending scene of the route showed a family picture sent to Kazuki by Amane pinned on a cork board, with a silhouette of a woman looking at it, hinting that Kazuki is still alive somewhere.

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  • Her name 一姫 (Kazuki) means "One, Princess".
    • Kazuki is mostly a masculine name.
    • Kazuki is an odd way to pronounce her name, which should be "Ichihime".
  • Her height has not changed during her time as the Thanatos System's core. Due to this, she is shorter than most of the other characters.
  • Her brother-complex towards Yuuji was likely caused by her desire to counteract the negligence he received from his parents due to her superiority.
  • She bears similarities with The Irregular at Magic High School character Miyuki Shiba
    • Both are praised by their family while their brothers are disowned.
    • Both engage in forbidden love.
    • Both do things for their own brothers.
    • Both have had near-death experiences.