This is a short anime episode set during the events of Grisaia no Kajisu. It focuses on Michiru Matsushima, and her personal day dream of going to the beach with Yuuji.

Michiru dreams of going to the beach with Yuuji, and she asks him to rub lotion on her. She then wakes up in the bath to realize she was dreaming. As she steps out, she trips over the side to find Yuuji in the bath next to her, leading her to faint, believing this is also another dream.


  • This is most likely after the events in which Yuuji helps Michiru with her inner stuggle with her other self, the reason being that her interest in him is much higher because he helped her out, and because she had little interest in him after his arrival.

Source Edit

In the Blu-Ray DVD release of Grisaia no Kajitsu, there are 6 included special episodes, although these episodes can also be found among various anime sites.

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