Involves a sex scene.( +18 only) (spoilers!!)

Just after the bakery was burnt down, Makina returns to the dorm and goes into her room. Feeling depressed she just lays in her mostly empty room illuminated by moonlight. Yuuji walks in and comforts by kissing her.

She wants to escape the reality, and succesfully tries to seduce Yuuji. She goes naked (almost gets a jab from Yuuji for being underdeveloped). Soon after gets she an oral from Yuuji. Upon her orgasm she can't control her bladder and urinates on Yuuji.

Next scene involves Makina losing her virginity to Yuuji.

This chapter ends in them talking about having a bath.

This was the first time Yuuji kissed Makina and not the other way around.(this is mentioned in the dialog as well)