Chizuru Tachibana
Chizuru Tachibana
Kana 橘 千鶴
Romaji Tachibana Chizuru
Blood Type O
Birthdate May 20
Age Around 30
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Measurements B: 86 W: 58 H: 88
Height 157 cm
Representative Flower Lily of the Valley
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Principal of Mihama Academy
Voice Actor Natsumi Yanase

Chizuru Tachibana (橘千鶴, Tachibana Chizuru) is the principal of Mihama Academy and an acquaintance of Yuuji 's. She is the only daughter of prefectural governor. To her, Yuuji is a benefactor of life, as he rescued her in an event in the past. Because of that reason, when Yuuji told her that he wanted to have a normal school life, she offered him the chance to enroll to Mihama Academy. Her age is about 30 and she is still a virgin. She has a habit of speaking quickly when telling a lie. Yuuji seems quite fond of teasing her, which has led to her getting rather snappish around him despite her gratitude and affection.


Despite being around thirty, Chizuru looks approximately the same age as her students in Mihama Academy. Sometimes, she is mistaken for a junior school girl due to her young figure.



Chizuru is the only daughter of prefectural governor. As such, her father treat her very delicately.

At some point after Yuuji return to Japan, a group of terrorist attacked Vancouver Airport and taken the passengers hostage in order to negotiate the release of their boss. Due to a highly implausible sniping range, Yuuji and the bush dog squad was called in as a backup. Due to the time needed for the travelling, the airport and military decided to take action on the situation, which result in one of the gang member taken Chizuru hostage. Due to her small figure and the cloth she wore at the time, it was assumed that she is a middle school student.

After the gang member holding her hostage was shot by Yuuji, Daniel Bone lead an assault on the plane, leading to her rescued. Apparently as she was about to be taken hostage again, he knocked both of them into the sea. Due to Daniel lack of Japanese knowledge, he started teasing her from the shore until Yuuji reveals that she couldn't to swim. They also learnt that she is, in fact, older than both of them, shocking them considerably. While Chizuru was less than pleased that the banter that happens, she still very grateful that her life was saved by Yuuji. According to Yuuji, she was very insistence in repaying her debt from the event, to which Yuuji replied with he wants to experience a normal school life. It would be months after this event when he eventually seek her out to fulfill on this promise, earning his enrolment in Mihama Academy.

Because of this, Chizuru is often willing to bend a few rules and use her position to get Yuuji the things he asks her for, such as classified information or vaccinations for Meowmel.


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