Chiaki Sakashita
Romaji Chiaki Sakashita
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Occupation Student
Relatives Keiji Sakashita (Father)

Yoshihiko Ochi (Sex partner)

Chiaki Sakashita (坂下千秋, Sakashita Chiaki) was a student at Takizono Private Academy and the captain of its basketball team in 2005.

A third year of Takizono Private Academy who served as the director of the basketball club. She comes from a wealthy family. Due to her coercive personality, she wasn't trusted much by other members.

She got captain position after Minori turned it down.


She was the first to witness the acts of cannibalism Yoshihiko committed. It is unknown how long she survived after her confrontation with Kazuki Kazami and Amane Suou when Chiaki was discovered having sex with the teacher Yoshihiko Ochi after going insane. She was bed-ridden after her injury caused by a fellow student.

Visual Novel Edit

Grisaia no Kajitsu Edit

After the bus crash, she takes lead of the survivors, along with Ochi-sensei. She frequently gets into arguments with Kazuki, being resentful of her. On the night of the fifteenth day in the valley, as Amane and Kazuki attempt to escape, they discover her and Ochi having sex amidst the butchered corpses of the dead. Amane makes a noise, alerting her and the teacher, who then proceed to chase the two.

Grisaia no Rakuen Edit

Shortly after being discovered by Amane Suou and Kazuki Kazami, she got dressed and chased after them to find that Amane has escaped the scene. As she fanatically order others to chase after and kill Amane, Minori Sakuma interject by mentioned that she has eaten another one. In a fit of rage, she ends up stabbing Sakuma to death with a kitchen knife. She is then attacked by an enraged Haruna Ibuki with a pair of scissors, being stabbed many times. Fortunately, the numerous wounds were not deep enough to be fatal and she survives this attack thanks to Kazuki treatment, though left in a critical condition.


She and the remaining students, and Ochi died of infection caused by consumption of disease-stricken human flesh.


  • It is unknown what her relationship was with Yoshihiko Ochi, most likely it was out of pity because of his weak-willed nature.
  • Hinted by a fellow classmate, she would have sex with Yoshihiko as her way of forgiving him of the heinous acts of cannibalism.
  • It is implied she was weak-willed and arrogant because of her easily forgiving nature and her numerous arguments with Kazuki.