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Diarrhea, began spreading among the living survivors. Amane has a plan of creating an outhouse. Kazuki thinks for a while and finally after 10 seconds of computations made inside her mind. Amane informed the captain about the outhouse plan but, the captain is irritated about her being overshadowed specifically the pair of Amane and Kazuki. Haruna appeared and urges Amane to leave the captain. Haruna tells Amane about how the nice is equal to a weakling in her point of view. In the long walk of Haruna and Amane, it become apparent that Haruna is loosing immediate memory, concentration, lack of focus and also ability to decisive. Amane meets with Kazuki, as Kazuki gently asks Amane to gather chameleon plants and some edible plants as well to bring it to the big ten that serves as their hospital. Amane while foraging for wild medicinal plant Amane encounters leeches, from then on she started hating nature. Amane went back to the make shift hospital, and sees the captain arguing with Tamaki about food as Kazuki intervenes earning the wrath of the captain, involving Amane. When the captain leaves Amane and Kazuki continues to treat their wounded brethren. After finishing treating the wound Kazuki treats Amane's leech bite while Minori appears with a helping hand on the topic of building and outhouse. After the outhouse was built Kazuki and Amane have a dinner and visited the captain's tent.

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