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Characters Edit

  • Suou Amane
  • Kazami Kazuki
  • Sakuma Minori
  • Kaneda Saaya
  • Haruna Ibuki

Synopsis Edit

The day begins with Amane recollecting the earlier hour while being issues a handful of rise and a quarter of an onion. Amane has been compared by Kazuki to an american gas guzzler for her large frame. Amane was still hungry as she saw classmates gambling for snacks. Kazuki brings up a chocolate bar and asks Amane if she wanted to play with the rest, but loosing is no longer Amane's option. Amane plays the game and offers the chocolate as a wager. As the talk goes on along the team's speculation on their captain grows wilder. After the game Amane have a tearful talk with Kazuki and the reassurance of their mutual trust follows.

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