Characters Edit

  • Kazami Kazuki
  • Suou Amane
  • Koide Ritsu

Synopsis Edit

The day started with Kazuki looking for Amane, After reuniting. Kazuki found out that Amane is writing her diary, and it was one of Amane's habit. Kazuki asks Amane to get some chameleon plant leaves and some mugwort leaves as well. Suou Amane refers to the chameleon plant as the smelly plant, Kazuki informs Amane that there are lost by the stream. Amane also mentioned that she never saw an actual mugwort plant as their family only uses processed mugwort paste. Kazuki asks Ritsu to head to the six person tent to help treat the wounded. Amane and Kazuki have a brief discussion about the power based hierarchy of female friendship, then the topic shifted to Kazuki's younger brother Kazami Yuuji. Amane then learns that Kazuki and her younger brother are in an awkward, almost incestuous relationship. After the long talk with Kazuki, Amane realized what Kazuki meant with the words "A road we cannot travel yet.", ending the fourth day as Kazuki and Amane heads back to the camp.

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