• Suou Amane
  • Kazami Kazuki
  • Yoshihiko Ochi
  • Chiaki Sakashita
  • Haruna Ibuki
  • Minori Sakuma
  • Ritsu Koide
  • Sakuma Minori
  • Kaneda Saaya

Synopsis Edit

Suou Amane wakes from from the tent due to an eerie song of distant birds. Seeing her "roommate" missing, she realize Kazuki Kazami is already in action. Amane notices Ibuki and, directly asks the whereabouts of Kazuki Kazami. Ibuki mentions that Kazuki went to the thick vegetation while Amane notices Sakura Minori hurling an object in the air. Upon confrontation it appears that the object that Minori is hurling in the air is her phone for a desperate attempt to gain temporary mobile coverage. After the confrontation and learning that it might be a possible futile attempt, Suou Amane asks Minori if she had seen Kazuki. She learned that Kazuki went into the forest 30 minutes ago. Amane went in the forest and saw Kazuki, Kazuki discusses to Amane about a spring she found and hint of their survival but, Kazuki also said that not all of them might survive. Kazuki also instructed Amane to report the discovery of spring to the Captain as a discovery of Amane. The pair join the meeting of the 11 other survivor as tension flows back and forth among the survivor, Amane finally conveyed what Kazuki told her to do so. The Captain and Mr. Ochi agreed with the Idea, granting permission to try any way to get out of the situation but, not considering digging a foothold or climbing the cliffs.As the survivors break out partner by partner Kazuki and Amane have a little discussion about new ideas with regards to tying a cellphone to a kite. Amane was over enthusiastic to telling it towards the Captain but apparently someone beat her to the idea. Amane tells this immediately to Kazuki and realizes further the possibility of Digital Communication. Amane tell this new found ideas to the Captain and was not shunned but the digital communication idea is shot down immediately. Amane also learned that there are no mobile coverage on the area from Mr. Ochi and tried to informed the kite making pair but unfortunately the kite making pair already knows this. Amane went to look for Kazuki and found her where the two most injured persons are, treating their wounds. After a while Kazuki asks Amane to help her wash bandages and explains the Worker Ant Principle. Kazuki and Amane also meet Komori's dog, while Komori emerges a helicopter sound could be heard, they rushed in to camp trying to make noise, smoke, or any other means to get the helicopter's attention. Unfortunately the helicopter didn't notice them, as it grows dark Amane and Kazuki is talking about the helicopter in question. After the conversation the two went inside their tent and sleep, the second day of their stranded event ends.

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