The bad ending in Sachi's route, which results in Sachi's ironic death.


While in the hospital in Sachi's route, choosing 'Kill Self' will result in Sachi coming to the conclusion that Yuuji couldn't have possibly meant that she should kill herself to forget the nightmares that had haunted her since her childhood.

Following that belief, Sachi makes her way out of the hospital, having accepted herself and the sins that her mother shoulders for her. Everything appears to be looking up at a positive note, with Sachi herself looking forward to her life with Yuuji.

Coming up to a pedestrian crossing, which was also the very same place where her parents lost their lives, Sachi spots Yuuji and he calls out to her. She runs to him in the very same manner that her parents did, and Yuuji screams out a warning that was too little and too late.

Sachi ends up getting rammed by a mini-truck and is flung a short distance away, her body bent unnaturally as described by Yuuji.

She attempts to crawl to him, stopping just short under his feet and using the last of her energy to ironically ask one question:


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